Seven Must Have Gadgets For Your New Car

Cars are often considered as extensions of our personality, they’re also many people’s pride and joy. It’s no wonder then that these days there is a growing market for car customisation, from external modifications like shiny alloy wheels to internal luxuries such as aftermarket sound systems. A lot of these luxuries now come as options you can add to the car when purchasing, such as sports kits or integrated satellite navigation audio switch

For those looking for the ultimate in car cool, there are a number of gadgets that can make your car really stand out, here is a list of seven interesting ideas:

  1. Ring Car 2 Car
    When you have a flat battery in the past you’d need to use jumper cables which can be dangerous and if not applied correctly can potentially damage your car. The Car 2 Car cable works in a similar fashion but uses the cigar lighter socket in both cars, within a few minutes you’ll be back on the road!
  2. Metro 4 Way Socket
    Sticking with cigar lighter gadgets it seems everything these days can connect to your car via this outlet and sometime one socket is not enough if you’ve got Sat-Navs, mobile phones and other gadgets to get juiced up. This hub plugs into your cigar lighter and gives you four sockets as well as a number of USB ports for charging iPods and other MP3 players.
  3. Trafficmaster SmartNav Mobile
    A lot of mobile phones have started adding GPS and Sat-Nav functionality to their list of abilities. This can be a bit hit and miss but with SmartNav Mobile you get the functionality of one of the best standalone Sat-Navs in your phone (currently Windows Mobile, soon to include Nokia S60 and Blackberry phones). The best feature though has to be the ability to call up a “Personal Assistant” to plan your route and help avoid traffic.
  4. Printstik
    For many workers their car is also their office, or they may just be on the go all the time. There’s nothing worse than remembering you’ve forgotten to print that important document out just as you arrive at your meeting. The Printstik is tiny and almost looks like a laptop battery, it uses similar printing processes as a till receipt printer and lasts for around 30 pages off a full charge.
  5. Perfect Palm pads
    These two pads help provide a thorough clean to your car on the outside, with the handle being moulded to your hand, hence the name. One pad is used for polishing and one is a microfiber cloth to leave no streaks or marks after a clean.
  6. Ring Daytime Running Lights
    For anyone who saw last summer’s blockbuster Ironman they’ll no doubt recognise the distinctive LED lights on new model Audis like the R8 and A4. This flexible strip of lighting can let you add this feature to your car and get those iconic lights.
  7. Gear Knob Umbrella
    For the ultimate petrol-head there’s this umbrella with a handle styled on a gear knob (6 speed, of course), complete with the wheel nut for the other end of the umbrella. You never know when the heavens will open and sometimes your parking space just isn’t as close to the building your heading off to as you’d want it to be!

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