Tips For Garage Door Repair Problems With The Remote

It is very convenient to operate the garage door with the help of a small and handy remote. But what happens when the remote stops working? Basically, there are two things for you to do: you can start leaving your car in the driveway and use the garage for storage or you could be thinking about fixing the remote. Read more about garage door repair Ogden UT

The most common problem
The problem that usually occurs in case of remote operated garage doors is the failure of the batteries. If you happen to have more than one remote, you should try each of them to make sure that the garage door itself is still working. The chances of having all the batteries failing in the same time are quite slim, but not impossible. In case none of them can open the door, you should be thinking of another testing method.

Reprogramming the remotes
There is the possibility for the remote to stop working because the opener has a problem. In some cases the logic board (the board that makes the opener work) “forgets” the codes. As a result you could solve the problem by reprogramming the remote. This is something that is easy and fast to do. In the majority of the cases the garage openers have a learning button located on the same side as the antenna. This is supposed to be a bright-colored, or square-shaped button. Most likely you will need a ladder to reach it. Once you push it, you have about half a minute to reprogram the opener.

This kind of garage door repair works by pushing only one button. Push the button on the remote and you should see a response from the opener. It is possible that the lights will go on or it will make a clicking sound. If anything happens, you can know that the opener has been reprogrammed. In case nothing happens, you will have to go to the store and get new batteries.

Getting a new remote for the garage door repair project
After changing the battery, the remote is supposed to work without any problems. However, if this doesn’t happen and you have only one remote to try, it might be time to get a new one. When shopping for a new remote, you have to ensure that you get the same model number. As you may have guessed, not all remotes work for all garage doors. Otherwise, each time a neighbor comes home, all the garage doors would open in the neighborhood or you would find boy bands practicing in your garage when you come home.

You can try the new remote without having to remove the packaging. The first thing to do is to try reprogramming the opener